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I am not a professional tour operator. I am more of a blogger, photographer who likes to travel and meet people. I live happily at Varapuzha, a small town on the suburbs of Kochi city with my family and my great german shepherd dog Theo.Kadamakudy, is a group of tiny islands at a stone’s throw away from Kochi city, very close to my home. I visit Kadamakudy frequently. Kadamakudy is different in one way or the other during each visit. Kadamakudy looks different in the morning and the same Kadamakudy looks different in the evening. This is applicable during the different seasons. This makes it quite unpredictable. Sometimes it welcomes you to a glorious sunset, and on another day it could be quite dull with a cloudy sky. During low tide, there could be lots of birds and during high tide, one may not see many birds. It has something new to offer to the visitor every time, if the visitor is of that quiet type.

I invite you to Kadamakudy to travel with me, during the weekends, either in the morning or in the afternoon.

The morning tour is meant for those who love to take a quick breather from their busy schedule and start the day with a very positive note.

At dawn, it is calm, serene Kadamakudy with the occassional chirping of the birds and the mild breeze. This is the best time to have a brisk walk, some running or cycling or just sit at a culvert and meditate.


Start time from your place of stay in Kochi city : 6 a.m
Reaching Kadamakudy between 6.30 and 6.45 a.m
Experiencing the place (walking, photography, cycling, birdwatching, meditation)
Return by 8 a.m

The evening tour is for those who want enjoy the sunsets and the birds in a very leisurely fashion

From September to May is the time of glorious sunsets, which paints the water bodies of Kadamakudy gold.


Start time from your place of stay in Kochi city : 4.30 p.m
Reaching Kadamakudy between 5 and 5.30 p.m
Experiencing the place (sunset, bird watching, photography,cycling, evening walks)
Return by 7 p.m

If you like to join my cycling, bird watching, photography, walks to Kadamakudy,please get in touch with me at lest 1 week in advance, so that we can plan it well in advance. My contact  whatsapp : 9895372115