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In the past, many wars are fought for water and beauty. Kadamakudy islands have both of these in abundance.When something is beautiful, the greedy wants to possess it. With the construction of the proposed bridges, the islands of Kadamakudy will get connected to the main city, and will result in an onslaught of construction activities in the name of development, in this environmentally vulnerable region, which is the habitat of  around 75 species of birds. The locals make a living out of fish farming and paddy cultivation.  Tourism is slowly emerging as another source of income for the locals.

The new land acquisition ordinance will make it easier for anyone with influence to encroach into this pristine land, legally. Protecting this land from the land sharks is going to be the number one challenge of the future for Kadamakudy.

The second biggest threat is irresponsible tourism. So far Kadamakudy escaped pollution from tourism to a great extent, because it was not very prominent in the tourist maps of Kerala. Since the backwater tourism around Alleppey belt is loosing it’s charm due to highest levels of commercialization of backwater tourism, the focus is slowly getting shiftingto Kadamakudy islands. Yes, right now there is not even a good hotel in the near vicinity…some may see it as an opportunity for eco-friendly tourism  , while many see it as a disadvantage. In many tourist destinations of Kerala, I am unable to take a photograph without capturing plastic in the form of advertisements, bottles and what not. Slowly, but surely garbage is piling up in Kadamakudy and the nearby areas which will lead to the slow death of this beautiful birding habitat.

Let us start helping Kadamakudy islands by at least not polluting it, by throwing garbage around. Let us preserve it for future generations, not by preventing progress, but by opting eco-friendly development. It is time to unite for this cause.

By a nature lover for all nature lovers.


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  1. rajkumar t p

    Hi Abrachan, its heartening to see that you are fighting for the noble cause of protecting kadamakudy from environmental degradation. Hope good sense prevails with the authorities and the place and the habitats are left unharmed under the pretext of development. I am with you for this cause. my email ID is rajkumartp@gmail.com

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    February 3, 2018 at 8:57 am

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