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Joy of #kettukalakkal #kadamakudy


Look at the child like excitement on my friend Saneesh’s face. His decision to dive into the the ‘chemmen kettu’ (prawn farm) and catch some fish was very spontaneous, which was not part of today’s cycling trip at all. In fact we did not even have a plastic bag to store the catch. He just followed his urge and dived into water, and came up with some catch, each time he surfaced. That is when I am realizing his diving and fishing skills. He was just catching them with plain hands, and in minutes, he got several fishes including some prawns. I am more excited with his child like enthusiasm, and the guts to chase his urges without any inhibitions. That was wonderful. Again I realize how little I know about people around me, especially their hidden skills!.

In #Kadamakudy, the paddy fields are auctioned for fish farming for six months before the monsoon rains. When the auctioned period gets over, the fields are open for the general public for fishing, and that is known as #kettukalakkal, kettu (chemmeen kettu) means the prawn farm, kalakkal means making the water muddy (it does not have any connection with the proverbial fishing in muddy waters). This continues till the month of May, when the fields are readied for paddy (pokkali) cultivation.