experiencing kadamakudy

Christmas countdown at Kadamakudy


The Christmas is round the corner, and here are the ducks at the duck merchant, near the Pudussery bridge at Kadamakudy islands. Since ‘pudussery’ happens to be our family name  as well, I will never forget that name. While photographing these ducks, I am under the grip of both agony and ecstasy. Despite the innocent beauty of these ducks, soon they will be decorating the dining tables in the form of delicious duck roasts or spicy nadan duck curry on the christmas day. The duck curry is an indispensable dish in the christian menu of the region.

Having said that, the thoughts about the hen who hatched the ducks eggs, took care of the ducklings, protected them from predators, the women and the kids in the family who fed them, the pokkali farm lands which got their manure from the ducks when they were preying over the fish left over after the catch, the money earned by the farmer as a second source of income by selling them to the merchant…I am able to visualize a chain of  geographical, social, cultural  and economic activities from the selection of the eggs to hatch to the duck roast on the dining table.


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